Wives’ Tales

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Published by Seven Kitchens Press, Wives’ Tales is divided into two sections: “The Tales” focus on fractured fairy tales with a feminist slant; “The Wives” are all told from the points of view of the wives of famous men named Peter—the wife of Peter Pan, the wife of Peter Rabbit, the wife of Peter the Great, the wife of Pete Rose, the wife of Peter the Apostle, etc. Enjoy!

“…And, goodness, my absolute favorite here is “The Truth About Mother Goose.” She’s no simpering sweet Goody-about-town but an actual goose, “a fine-feathered horror / with wings that whip like a twister.” She’s big, she’s bold, she’s dangerous.

          Six foot and plump as a pillow,
          she plodded up and down our streets,
          cracking the sidewalk like a spinal cord.

She scares the hell out of me”—Kathleen Kirk at Escape Into Life