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"Doubt wisely,” says the epigram from Donne that begins Marjorie Maddox's Weeknights at the Cathedral, a reverently irreverent evocation of the poet’s spiritual voyage. Maddox’s poems do not shy away from doubt, but neither do they shy away from wisdom, belief—or, ultimately, grace.

“I cannot think of another contemporary American poet who writes as joyfully, fluently and unapologetically about religion. These are not poems of vague spirituality or coded personal belief, but playful engagements with Christian dogma—sacraments and saints—and frank expressions of faith. Raised in a denomination of the radical Free Church tradition, seeker in the Episcopal and Orthodox forms, Maddox is qualified to comment, and her insights are essential in our time so vexed by public and private abuses of religion. This book—graceful, funny and bold—offers new and useful views of devotion, new ways to be saved.”—Julia Kasdorf

“Let’s face it. It’s devilishly difficult to write about religious experience without lapsing into flat, didactic language. Although these poems are grounded in theology and tutored by religious practice, they swing beyond either into realms of the imagination. Antic, smart, incandescent with love of children, physical objects of worship, and the body, these poems live in the outskirts of mystery. As a group, they provide such insight that they add to our fund of religious knowledge.”—Jeanne Murray Walker

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