"Chimera," "Cartography," "Grand Slam," Poetry Magazine and The Poetry Foundation Apps (poetry and apps)

"Learning to Weather" on Verse Daily

"Journey into Poetry" (essay, T. S. Poetry Press)

“The Artist at the Colony Asks Me If I’m Famous,” at SWWIM

Poet Laurie Klein hilariously reads “Extra Towels” from Local News from Someplace Else on Spokane Public Radio. Take a listen!

"Nonsmoking Section," Minnesota Review, Duke University Press (prose; nominated for Pushcart Prize)

"God Goes Fishing" at T. S. Poetry Press

“Ode to Daughter as Artist,” at The Ekphrastic Poetry Review

Rachel Isum Robinson: Snatches and Excerpts," African American Review (prose)

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San Francisco Examiner interview

Church of England Newspaper interview

 Discussion of "Meteorology" at T. S. Poetry Press

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Discussion of "Extra Towels" at T. S. Poetry Press

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"The Long and Short of It," #1 on Top 10 Poems on Laundry

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"Watch vs. Warning" at New Verse News

Essay on Writing Children's Literature on David Harrison's Blog

"Tape of My Dead Father's Voice from an Old Answering Machine Tape" (poem from Transplant, Transport, Transubstantiation)

"After Notes Narrative" and "Blues, now" in New York Dreaming (poetry)

"Permanent" Moon Milk Review (prose)

"A. M.: Inside and Out" (from Local News from Someplace Else)

"Annie Oakley" and "Battlefield in Peacetime" in 2River View

COBALT Review All-Star Baseball Issue

"Going Over," New Verse News (poetry, fiscal cliff)

" A Doll's House Redux " (prose)

"This World and This One" (Blog for Relief Magazine)

"Fatal Shock Mystery" ("It's Political" issue of Verse Wisconsin)

"After the Art Gallery"


 "Between States," Fiddleblack (poetry)

"After Having Children, We Reintroduce Ourselves to Bicycles," Adanna's Featured Poets Page (poetry)

"Learning to Yell," The Medulla Review (prose)

www.theotherjournal.com (prose)

"Faith," Ascent (poetry)

Arabesque Review (poetry and prose)

Trigger (two poems and artwork)

"Backyard Inchworms," Canary (poetry)

"Appropriate," Boxcar Poetry Review (poetry)

"Feet," First Things (poetry)

"A Colleague Falls to His Death at Niagara Falls," 2River View (poetry and recording)

"Afternoon Nap," Literary Mama (poetry)

"Easter Eve Vigil," Christianity and Literature (poetry)

"Looking at Glass," Dominion Review (poetry)

Painted Bride Quarterly (poetry)

"St. Mary's Field Trip," The Cresset (prose)

A Fine Excess: Contemporary Literature at Play (Sarabande, poetry)

"Alexus and Giles: Patron Saints of Beggars," First Things (poetry)

US Catholic 1st Place Fiction Award

"Ash Wednesday," First Things (poetry)

"A House Divided," The Other Journal (poetry)

"The Prophecy of Birds," The Christian Century (poetry)

"Nine Alive!" The Other Journal (poetry)

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Poems on Magical Realism  and poetic definition of

"Still Life of House in Late March," Every Day Poems

Top 50 list of 2012 Best Short Stories, Wigleaf

News Article from The Chautauquan Daily

NPR Radio Interview: Todd Davis and Jack Ridl on Fast Break to Line Break:Poets on the Art of Basketball

Review of Fast Break to Line Break: Poets on the Art of Basketball in Books and Culture, by Brett Foster

Review of my poem "Winter: Teaching Dante's Inferno"

Penn State's Public Poetry Project: Featured Poet

Semifinalist Leapfrog Press 2009 Fiction Book Award

Hudson Prize Award Finalists and Semifinalists (What She Was Saying)

SOL English Writing in Mexico Anthology                        

Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics  

Hey You! Poems to Skyscrapers, Mosquitoes, and Other Fun Things

Poetry Portal on Hey You!

Baseball and the “Sultan of Swat”


Poetry Out Loud

Special issue of The Southern Quarterly devoted to the legacy of Emmett Till


LHU’s Celebration of Scholarship

The Working Poet: 75 Writing Exercises and a Poetry Anthology

"Big List of Children's Poets"

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