“This new full-length collection of poetry by Marjorie Maddox is extraordinary. Maddox makes poems that pull the world inside out: the hidden becomes apparent, the spiritual palpable, the heart, that sock stuffed in the chest, gives rise to ‘the architecture of mercy.’ Examining, in a variety of moods, both the dazzling intricacy and the frightening fragility of the human body, Maddox never forgets the heart at the heart of the matter.”—Kelly Cherry

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“In poems that survey the ‘body’s landscape,’ then raise their ‘hallelujah torrent’ to celebrate ‘the human beneath,’ Marjorie Maddox allows faith—in language that aspires toward prayer—to balance the sorrow and ‘stubbed joy’ that inform ‘the world we live in/and the world beyond.’ These poems acknowledge the body and its betrayals with clarity, humor, and Whitmanian fervor.  This is a book of fierce and eloquent consolations.”—Michael Waters

“Passionate, heartfelt documentaries of a life that is full, and filling, and reaching for true purpose.”—Scott Cairns

WPSU Take Note Interview Show: For Father's Day, Poets Todd Davis and Marjorie Maddox Write About Their Fathers

Reviewed in Anglican Theological Journal

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"Tape of My Dead Father's Voice from an Old Answering Machine Tape" (poem from Transplant, Transport, Transubstantiation) on A Poem a Day